Fashion: what to wear when travelling in Italy

What to wear when travelling in Italy, one of the most Fashion country in the world? How to dress like an Italian and feel the "Italian life style"?

Elegance is in the Italian blood and packing for a trip to Italy can present a challenge. Italians tend to be always fashion, with an excellent and stylish look! And this is particulary true in the big city of Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan, but also in some little and glamour towns, like Positano or Capri. So if you are planning an Italy tour, in your suitcase could not miss some glamour - and above all - comfortable clothings!
You could not forget that travelling in Italy means also long walking tours, discovering unforgettable monuments, squares and charming streets! And usually means also hot spring and summer seasons! Here below some suggestions to be always fashion but also comfortable during your holiday in Italy.

Charming style...as the world famous Italian divas! If your style is always elegant and glamour, you could not forget to bring with you some dress. Choose pastel colors or white dress, to exalt your suntan! Bring with you a big hat and big sunglasses: they are perfect to avoid the hot sun and they are also really glamour! Finally wear comfortable shoes, for your long walks.

summer in the city - I love Italy by silvyste featuring pendants

Casual style...not only for teenagers! If you love the comfort of a jeans and t-shirt, you have only to follow few tips. If you are not a teenager, avoid the shorts and prefer the capri jeans! Then add just a colored t-shirt, a big and sunglasses. Choose comfortable shoes and if you could not quit the heels, prefer the wedge heels.

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