Milan Fashion Week: tips on how to get tickets!

How many times did you hope to take part in one of those glitzy fashion catwalks seen on TV? But how to get Fashion Week tickets? I'll disclose you some secrets to gain access at Milan Fashion Week that only few people know.

If you have never took part in a Fashion Show, you have to know that Milan Fashion Week, like those in New York, London and Paris, is one of the most prestigious Fashion Show.  
Why? The answer is very easy! Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, the symbol of Made in Italy, it is famous for its exclusive shopping areas like Quadrilatero D'Oro and Navigli or Brera, just to name the most famous areas of Milan for a shopping tour!

Milan is the symbol of fashion and the perfect destination for fashion victims, thanks to the famous boutiques of Gucci, Armani, Dolce&Gabbana and many others, that have their stores in the city center.  
But what better opportunity then traveling to Milan during the Fashion Week?!
Ok, you are now thinking that it will be great...if only you can gain access to the exclusive catwalks of Milan Fashion Week! As you know this Fashion Show is usually by invitations only and is exclusively restricted to fashion insiders and VIPs. But you can still have some chances!
So, I'm finally disclosing you how to get tickets for Fashion Week in Milan!

It all depends on your luck or how much you are willing to spend to go to Milan Fashion Week. 

The less expensive way to gain your Fashion Week tickets is trying to be fashion...maybe your trendy look could be noted from some young stylists that will invite you to join them. It will cost you nothing but of course it is very difficult stand out from the crowd. You can try also to be a good customer, sometimes the brands invites their big spender clients...and it could be a little bit expensive!

You can also try to write a good post in your blog, but you must have a large number of followers and you have to be a "fashion authority". If writing is not for you, you can try with the art of photography! Many stylist welcome photographer that can valorize their creations. 

Finally, the most expensive solutions, but also the more reliable methods to get your Fashion Show tickets! You can take part to an auction or contact a luxury travel agency...like us! We can make your dream come true!
If you would like to take part to Milan Fashion Week - Men or Women -, just look at the calendar that the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana publish each year and then contact us to verify the avaiability of your tickets!

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